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I know first hand how challenging it is to run your own small business. Since starting The Island Creative in 2011, I too have felt the overwhelm of wearing all the hats. I’ve faced the chronic worry and the long, stressful days that never seem to end.

Now, with so much happening in the online space, it can be harder than ever for business owners to keep up.

Sound familiar?

The good news is you don’t need to be a digital guru to manage your website, master your online marketing, or grow your business in an online world.

You just need the right person in your corner.

That’s where I come in.

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I’m Erica

I’m a creative specialist, local cheese buff and passionate supporter of Tasmanian business.

For more than 10 years, through my own experience and digital know-how, I’ve been supporting Tasmanian business owners – just like you – to step up and succeed.

As a self-confessed tech junkie, my specialty is building streamlined systems and automations that take the headache and confusion out of the online pressures that all business owners face.

I love nothing more than trying out the latest and greatest business software options and brainstorming digital solutions for other small businesses.

Don’t keep believing that business has to be this hard.

Let this be the year you finally invest in yourself – and watch your business bloom.

Business Support (when you need it most)

Of course, growing a business is a different journey for everyone. No matter what direction you need to take, we’ll be your reassuring guide, your take-charge mentor and loudest cheerleader – all in one.

Let’s take a look at how we can help you.

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1:1 Coaching

for Tasmanian businesses on the North-West Coast

Great news! You may be eligible for subsidised one-on-one mentoring support with Erica through the Digital Solutions program at Switch Tasmania.

Once registered, you’ll have access to a team of digital experts for personal support.

Plus, you’ll have opportunities to attend a range of workshops designed for small businesses.

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Hour of Power

for Tasmanian small businesses

If you’re a small business owner keen to take advantage of online tools that will help you master your marketing, this program is for you. We’ll help you strip away the confusion and guide you through the steps of online marketing so you get more bookings and higher sales in record time. This truly is online marketing made simple! Even if you’re a novice.

Sounds fantastic?

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DIY Learning

with The Learning Locker

If you’re dedicated to learning all the ins and outs of managing your website or online marketing efforts. We are developing courses based on our years of experience to remove the tech overwhelm and empower you to feel in control.

Want to design your own website but don’t know where to start? Well, let us help with that.

Turn your free time into learning time!

Whether you’re just starting out in business or stuck at a roadblock, we are ready to teach, guide and mentor you through to the next level.