Get Results on Facebook in 2020

It’s been an interesting year in the land of Facebook. There’s a growing trend of the younger generation moving away from the social media monolith and ditching it altogether, moving onto the newer/sleeker platforms like Instagram and Snapchat…Don’t even get me started on Tik Tok… I think I am getting old!

We are still seeing a steady increase in the over 50’s joining (perhaps why the youth flee!) so if you are targeting the 45+ market today’s tips are especially important for you!

We are seeing, reading and personally noticing the huge move to organic posts and that really authentic feel in what people are wanting from the brands they follow. We have never liked being marketed to, but in the age of Netflix and Spotify, when we can actively avoid a huge percentage of advertising, it’s even more noticeable when we are targeted by paid ads.

Paid advertising still works and is still vital for initial brand building, but it’s the organic connections you make with your customers that will keep them around.We bang on about it all the time, but in 2020 people want to see authenticity from brands. I can post 30 times a day about our services, how wonderful they are and how using us will benefit your business (you can check out our great Social Media Packages here...) but it will never get the same level of engagement as when I put up a photo of myself or my staff. People using Facebook don’t want to be sold to. They are there to interact with their friends, see what their kids have been up to on their holiday, read interesting stories. Think about your own interactions on social media, we are getting so good at scrolling rapidly through our newsfeeds looking for something that catches our eye and avoiding the constant yawn-worthy advertising every 5th post. Unless your business is regularly posting interesting content you will soon just blend into the rapid swipe, or even worse, disappear from the newsfeed altogether. We have been providing organic social media marketing now for over 5 years to our clients, and the results we get from regular, interesting content that is targeted at the correct demographic is far more successful than “boosting” a post. We have consistent engagement, loyal fans who interact and share our posts, a steady increase in page likes, and because of this, our clients are not disappearing into the void, but getting stronger all the time.

Be authentic in 2020, share your story, talk to your customers on a personal level and you will notice just how much they love you for it!

Keep an eye on our social media too, and you will see real examples of what we are talking about.