Google’s New Algorithm Update & What It Means for Your Website

You might have recently heard that Google is set to launch their new algorithm update which will change the way mobile-friendly websites appear in a Google search. Whilst the date for this update is still to be confirmed, there is currently a projected launch date of early 2018. Right about now you might be asking yourself “How does this affect me and my website?”… Well, we are here to explain. Google is changing the way websites will appear when searched, which means your website will soon be ranked by the quality of its ability to be mobile-friendly. This will mean that if your website is mobile-friendly it will appear higher in a Google search when compared to a website that is desktop-only. This makes having a quality mobile-friendly website a priority for all website owners, and is more important than ever! Knowing that Google will be rolling out these changes soon gives you the time to jump aboard preparing that your website is mobile-friendly, we have two top tips that… – Get Mobile-Friendly Ensure that your website is responsive and can handle the different sized screens that your potential clients and customers are likely to access using their mobile phones, as well as desktop/laptop computers. If you would like to know if your website is mobile-friendly and ready to go, we recommend that you use Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test. – Website Content Make it short and to the point. Imagine having to scroll through your website using your phone? Is it easy to read? Is it nice and short? Is your layout clean, minimal and fresh? Being succinct and making sure you get your point quickly will help to make your website more mobile-friendly. It is also important to consider your theme or website background in relation to how fluid and smooth your website is to operate. Is it slow and clunky to use? Or is it smooth and quick? Google offer a free tool which will help you to work out what you need to focus on to improve the speed of your site, this is called Think with Google. We recommend all of our clients to test their website out using this tool as it helps to explain why you might be losing potential clients/customers due to the amount of time it takes to load your website on their phones and provides you with tips on how you can fix it. Top tip: steer clear of pop-ups like newsletter sign-up boxes as Google will soon be penalising websites that feature these. Please contact us should you require any further clarification about Google’s upcoming update, or if you need assistance with updating your website to make sure that it is friendly for mobile users to visit! Until next month, The Island Creative Crew.