Is 2019 the year of NOT doing live videos?

As part of my own professional development, and to fulfil my constant need for new information and products, I am a part of several business groups on Facebook. At times these groups can be nothing more then the same repetitive question, which would have easily been answered by searching past conversations in the group, however occasionally there are discussions which are nothing short of enlightening and that offer a wealth of information. A question was posed to a group of just under 100,000 business woman. “Do you like watching Facebook Lives” Within a few minutes of the status being posted, over 176 people commented. The answer? A resounding “No.” Does this surprise you? The ability to go live on our Facebook Feeds was launched in 2016 by the social media empire. It’s been used to stream events, make announcements, launch products and draw competitions. But in my mind, and in the mind of my peers last night as we discussed the answers to the question, there is one fatal flaw with a live video. 85% of people scroll through social media with the sound off. Facebook Live videos can be a fantastic tool for your business, but only if your target market is prepared for the video. We are all being encouraged to be more authentic in how we represent our business on social media, but with this many people unwilling to engage in your live videos, and by having their sound off they are unwilling, what are the alternatives to connecting on a more real level?

  • Prepare your audience by setting a time and date for your live. People DO love interacting with brands and people that they follow in this way, just not ad hoc.
  • Video Content is still king – but think about prerecording eye catching videos and adding captions, so that even with the sound off, your message can still be understood.
  • Utilise Facebook and Instagram Story Functions to show the “real” side of the business. This can still be polished and professional, but a quick behind the scenes video, or a photo of a happy looking team at a meeting is incredibly engaging and allows people to feel connected to you and your business.

What are your favourite ways to connect with your audience? Have you bucked this trend and had success with Live Videos? Need help developing a Social Media Marketing Plan? Contact Us Today! Until next time – Erica #Facebook#Video