Making Sense of Facebook F8

Recently, Facebook held their annual F8 conference where developers and businesses explore upcoming and new technology (including products and innovations created by Facebook themselves). Many, many things were discovered throughout the conference but we’ll share with you four of the biggest announcements from Facebook F8. 1. Privacy Tool – Clear History:Privacy is definitely a hot topic at the moment, in the midst of Facebook’s data breach scandal which saw 87 million people have their data improperly shared with Cambridge Analytics. In what could be perceived as an attempt to calm people’s fears, Facebook will soon be letting you delete information that is collected from your online activity in the coming months. In his keynote speech at the F8 conference, Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook, CEO) called Clear History “a simple control where you can clear your browsing history, what you have clicked on, the websites you have visited and so on… You will even be able to turn off having this information stored with your account going forward”. 2. AR Messenger Platform:In our earlier blog we suggested that Augmented Reality (AR) was on the rise… We definitely weren’t wrong! Facebook is soon to be allowing anyone to create “more rich, relevant, and contextually aware AR experiences”, and will be further expanding their camera effects to Instagram and Messenger. You’ll soon be seeing more and more AR filters (including the popular facial-based filters) popping up! Businesses can start using AR to promote their brand… Businesses can incorporate their brand into AR effects for Facebook and Messenger experiences, however, there is quite a large waiting list to join this program. 3. Facebook DatingSingle? Soon you’ll have the ability to date and build relationships within the Facebook app. Protecting your privacy, Mark Zuckerberg reassures Facebook users that this service requires users to opt into it and your friends list won’t see your dating profile! Facebook dating goals are for single users to find their soulmates and build real long-term relationships. 4. Oculus GoHave you heard of Facebook’s Virtual Reality (VR) device? Previously, users could purchase a headset to enjoy VR experiences when connected to a computer or mobile device… Well, not anymore! The new VR headset no longer requires a connection to your computer or mobile device as the computer is inbuilt into the headset. It’s available now and offers more than 1,000 games, experiences and apps than what was previously available with other Oculus headsets. Which are you most looking forward to? We’d love to know your thoughts… Until next month, The Island Creative Crew.