Newsletter – June

The end is nigh…

The end of the financial year that is! Time to make some New Financial Year Resolutions I say! What about allocating time this year to focus on your social media? We are about to launch a brand new interactive training package, Personal Training for your Social Media! 12 Weeks of tips tricks and instructions on how to get the most out of your Facebook and Instagram Pages. There is some more information below but if you are interested please contact us, numbers are verylimited so that we can dedicate the right amount of time to each client. Good luck with the EOFY!Erica – Owner and Designer

Like the skills to be able to successfully run your own Social Media? Then Social Media PT is for you!​This is a 12 week training package assisting you to take control of your Social Media platforms, create engaging posts, successful advertising campaigns and connect with your current and future clients/customers.​Interested? Head to our website to submit your interest. New to Facebook: Topic Specific Streams When you log into Facebook, you might notice something a little different. Last week Facebook have started rolling out different feeds relating to different topics. A few of them include; funny, sport, TV & film. You are able to change default feeds either by clicking the gear icon on computer or selecting the ‘more’ option on mobile. The purpose of the new feed is to get people to see more content, and although it is still in testing phase, it looks like the effects have been fairly widespread. There are still some things that are a little unclear, such as how the feeds are ranked and shown, as like our normal news feed, the time and engagement seem to have no difference. We aren’t sure what this mean for Facebook for business yet, but fingers crossed it helps! – Kristy, Social Media Content Manager