Our 2020 Goals

2020 is nearly here. We are eight days away from a well earned two-week break and discussions amongst the team have been moving to 2020 goals. I love to know the girl’s goals for the next year and how I, as their manager, can help them reach them. They might want to travel, increase their income, spend more time with their families and I really enjoy having these targets as it helps me develop my own business goals for 2020 and how we will grow and adapt and work smarter in the upcoming year.
My business grew slow and steady for the first six years, but the last three have seen rapid growth and I’ve constantly been playing a game of catch up to try and keep things running smoothly. My staff has increased and with that comes HR issues. Different insurances, GST registration, new services, a lot more travel… throw in a wedding, a baby, building a house and a second job… it’s been overwhelming.
2020 feels like a renewal year.
In the past 12 months, we’ve really refined our business systems and each of the team has found their niche and focus on what area of the business they will be working on for the next year. Growth has eased and we are back on a steady incline, but now prepared for rapid jumps should they occur.
My goals for 2020

  • Focus more on business support. I’ve wanted to move into this area for a long time, I am avoiding calling it coaching as I feel that has started to invoke negative feelings due to the number of FB ads with people selling their “coaching” handbooks, but I’ve got a knack for seeing holes in business systems and I’d love to start sharing processes and advice in this area.
  • Increase my wage. It feels taboo to discuss money, but it shouldn’t. I don’t know anyone who has a business who chooses to work for free! We have this little predicament in that we have neared peak capacity on what is a viable pricing structure for our services, our clients are small businesses and we are in regional Tasmania, so what we can offer and what we can charge are a HUGE difference between what we could do if we were in a big city market, so our margins are low. Taking on staff to take on jobs that I had no capacity to complete, changes the profitability of the business, but it also means we can take on more jobs. Looking back it feels like three years ago I started a new business, I had a drop in my own profit to take on staff and we’ve grown and taken on a lot more clients but that has also meant more staff. Xero shows me there is VERY minimal difference between incoming and outgoing, but steadily, it is growing, as is the tiny little weekly salary I pay myself. I’ve got specific dollar goals and dates to reach these, and 2020 feels like the year to get it done.
  • More family time. My sweet daughter Lilah is growing up so fast, she will be three in 2020 and a personal goal is to spend much more time with her. I’ve fairly successfully avoided working too many evenings in 2019, but I am going to be more firm on myself and how much I let work creep into my personal life.
  • Enjoy it more! This year has been pretty stressful… but in a good way. It’s stretched me more financially, emotionally, physically than I ever thought it could but I really feel like I have had a lot of personal development because of it. I’ve gained this new strength that I have never seen before. I’ve built a business that has been around for nine years, and I have to give imposter syndrome the flick and be confident & proud of what I have achieved.

Thank you for reading along to our 12 days of Christmas. I hope you have found value in our tips.
We are so looking forward to growing with you in 2020. Have a wonderful Christmas and a safe and Happy New year.
– Erica