Share Your Story in 2020

Relatable content will still be king in 2020. People are no longer connecting with shiny advertising produced by large corporations. You will notice that even companies like Coca Cola are making their advertising more relatable (even if their latest ad does say ‘Sausage Sandwich’… we all know it’s a Sausage in Bread, duh!!).
Giving your clients a reason to feel connected to your brand by utilising social media, and in particular, the stories feature (Facebook, Instagram & Snapchat) is going to continue to be a fantastic way to market your business in the new year. The ROI (Return on Investment) on social media marketing is SUPER HIGH when done correctly which is a huge bonus and makes this form of marketing even more accessible, no matter the size of your business or marketing budget. Here are our tips for using stories to gently lift that person/business line, and represent yourself in the right way to your clients:
Remain on brand – We want to see your personality, but you are still representing your business, so ensure your language, expressions, clothing, and background all fit with your business.
Show the behind the scenes in an interesting way – Visiting a unique location, product materials in a raw state, or a quick how-to; these are all super interesting ways to engage with your audience, people will love seeing your face and if they are interested in your product or service, these behind the scenes snippets will encourage them to interact with you more. After all, we’re all a little nosey and love to know what goes on behind closed business doors, right?
Use your stories as your “give back” – We always recommend to clients that a certain percentage of their social media be a give back to their clients. At The Island Creative, we use our Knowledge Vault to pass on our shared years of knowledge in design & marketing. And in 2020 we will be using our stories more to share valuable business information as well as info on our specific industry, and of course, show our face more (FYI – this is my written commitment).
You don’t have to give away trade secrets, but having these discussions with your audience builds trust, allows them to see you in “real” life and puts a face to the brand they are following along with.
Don’t know where to start? What’s something your customers don’t know about your business? Write up a simple and short post and share it on social media with your audience – you’ll be surprised by just how engaged your audience is when you talk to them on a more personal level and get a bit vulnerable with them!
We would love to see what you come up with, so remember to tag us when you share it so we can spread the love!
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