Social Media in 2017: A Year in Review

Wow… How quickly time passes! Can you believe that 2017 is almost over? Neither can we! To celebrate the nearing end of 2017, we’ve decided to share with you some of this year’s most popular social media changes. Facebook:This year, Facebook undertook many different changes. They introduced updates to their algorithm which saw promoted posts help to maximise your business page reach and engagement. We also saw very slight updates occur in your News Feed on the Facebook app, and the roll out of Facebook Camera and Facebook Stories saw users being able to take a more personalised approach to sharing and live streaming content from their phones. Instagram:This year, Instagram changed the order of posts in your feed which left some people outraged and annoyed that posts no longer showed up in order of the time that they were originally posted. Now you see Instagram posts in order of your most frequently visited. Is this a good or a bad thing? You tell me! I think we’re all pretty used to it now. Instagram also made changes recently to its Stories, giving users the ability to add older content to their stories, superzoom and view stories from the desktop version of Instagram. Popular Stories features like polling, live video replay, adding user locations, adding website links, and hashtag stickers were also released this year. Finally, who can forget the addition of bookmarking posts and adding multiple images in a post? I know many businesses were happy with the addition to add more than one picture to their Business Posts, which has definitely proved to be one of the more popular features to be introduced in 2017. Twitter:Twitter canned its involvement with Periscope and Vine this year, resulting in their very own launch of in-app streaming, which is definitely a popular feature enjoyed by many today. Very early in the year, Twitter got rid of their Moments tab and introduced the Explore tab which combined Moments with their popular Trending feature. In June, they overhauled the aesthetic of their mobile app, making way for an easier to use and better designed experience. 2017 also saw Twitter take a tougher stance on online abuse in an effort to reduce violence and bullying. This meant that anything hateful or violent was automatically flagged for removal, and that Twitter began to act quicker with tweets that were reported. If we missed an important new feature that appeared in 2017, we would love to hear it! Let us know what your favourite new feature of 2017 was/is… Until next month, The Island Creative Crew.