Where we’ve been and where we are now

None of us can ever truly picture how your business will grow and transform over the years. Most of us begin so small, as a micro business, working on your own, putting in long, long hours. You’re growing your business and while you are so ready… the payout isn’t instant; it takes time for a business to work its way into a market, fine tune the details, establish itself amongst the community and slowly grow its clientele or customers. For me, it was 2011 when it all started, I could see there was an opportunity to provide well priced and quality websites for local small businesses, so I started The Island Creative. It is incredibly rewarding, being able to put my creative skills to work and provide businesses with a website they are excited to share with the online world! At the time, this was 100% a side hustle for me, I was still employed full time and enjoyed the ability to create a little extra income through an enjoyable hobby. Fast forward to 2016, the online world was growing rapidly and my clients were struggling to keep up with it. I was excited to welcome Kristy to the team, expanding our services to offer Social Media Management, Email Newsletter Management and Blog Services to our new and existing clientele. Not only did our clients have beautiful websites, we were now driving potential customers to the website, so they would see it and take action! This was the moment we realised businesses don’t have the time to manage their online presence and were feeling overwhelmed trying to get the best results from their advertising budget. The online world is ever changing and this can be why a lot of businesses can feel frustrated when they’re not getting the results they hoped from their online marketing. The Island Creative is constantly growing and evolving it’s team and services so we are able to cater to the diverse needs of every business. Along with myself and Kristy, we have now grown the team to include Amy, Maddie, Belle, Carolyn and Erin, allowing the business to expand its service offerings to cover all digital aspects of our client’s businesses. We continue to design beautiful websites and create engaging content for social media, but with our new team offering a range of skills we are now able to provide our clients with an even better range of services. Keep an eye out as we showcase our team and their skills in the coming months. We understand that every business is different, which means how they present themselves online is completely unique to any other business too. Some businesses need their entire market driven from online sources, while other businesses just want to tell a story and show their potential customers what value they have to offer. We have been working hard since the beginning of this year to fine tune our services and work them into a range of packages to suit any existing or emerging business. Along with our Website Design and Social Media Content Management, we are now working with our clients to manage their Google Adword Campaigns, Email Campaigns and Social Ad Campaigns, as well as offering Content Writing Services for both websites & blogs, Corporate Photography & Videography and Graphic Design. It’s amazing to look back on the last 8 years and see how much change and growth my business has gone through. From just starting out solo, to now working with a team of talented women, I feel like I can offer my clients so much more and provide far more value than we ever have. With such a diverse team, we are able to all work together to be a one stop shop for all your digital and online needs, saving you more time & money! Throughout the years and changes we’ve been through, one thing hasn’t changed; we pride ourselves on establishing a close relationship with each and every business we work with, working with them on a personal level to ensure we are able to achieve their business goals. We’re excited to share our new packages & digital services with more businesses and help them grow in the right direction towards their goals! If you’re thinking about launching a new business, improving your current business’s online presence, taking your business to the next level or simply want a helping hand with your online marketing needs, we would love to hear from you. Our team is ready to start brainstorming and cranking their creative minds when you are. Until next time, Erica Check out our new packages:The Branding BoxThe Social Box#business#theislandcreative#branding