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The Island Creative

 We never set out to compile a team of hard working Tasmanian women, but the things that are meant to be always seem to fall into place. Each of us grew up in Tasmania and had significant exposure to small business, either by seeing our parents in action, or working in them as we were able.

​Our passion for the local community is the back bone of everything we do at The Island Creative and we really take pride in the ways we are able to assist our fellow Tasmanian business owners. We are constantly developing our skills, a never ending journey of learning and growing, so that we can be the best team to support your business. We work closely together, so despite the fact we work remotely, we meet regularly which helps ensure a tight knit bond.

Outside of work, we are adventurous, family orientated people who will always find time for a sneaky cheese platter or a glass of wine with friends.

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Meet The Island Creative Team

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General Manager

Meet Sam, our General Manager. Marketing maven, content creator and a “jack-of-all”, Sam’s had a diverse career working in publishing, advertising, marketing and creative direction. This dynamic mother of two and has a keen eye for design, is a serial entrepreneur and a passionate advocate for small businesses. She prides herself on her ability to create unique marketing campaigns for Tasmanian businesses and has the innate ability to step into the shoes of both the business owner and the consumer, seeing marketing initiatives from both points of view. Sam considers herself to be a professional storyteller, helping our clients tell stories through photography, copywriting and digital marketing. When she’s not helping small businesses grow she’s likely drinking her fifth coffee of the day or listening to her favourite podcast.

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Creative Founder, Web Designer & Coach

Erica has always thrived in a digital world, purchasing her first computer at age 11 (that’s 20+ years ago!). Having worked for many years in administration roles, Erica’s creativity finally came bursting through when she (finally) connected her creative and analytic brains and stumbled into Web Design. Erica’s ability to juggle multiple tasks at once, keen eye for detail (she can spot incorrect spacing down to the pixel) and pull together both functional and modern websites has enabled her to build a business that now proudly employs a talented team of Tasmanian women. Erica has created a full service digital agency that brings together modern marketing techniques and technology to manage your business.
Stepping back from the frontline, Erica is developing her coaching skills, feeding her passion to educate and help small businesses grow.

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Creative Support Coordinator

Growing up in a family small business, Kristy has always been intrigued by new ideas and thinking outside the box.

Kristy says “I love that my job allows me to connect with other Tasmanian businesses, learn about new industries, and challenge me to get creative on a daily basis.”

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Creative Website & Graphic Designer

Six year old Victoria really loved to draw. At high school it was all about the paintings and pencil portraits, then progressed onto large scale paintings and photography. Now, with 10 years experience, Victoria loves bringing our clients design ideas to life through Website and Graphic design.

Fun facts: Vic loves to pretend she’s a real foodie and wine connoisseur, she’s a mother, bad dancer, odd sock collector and music lover. She’s never mowed the lawns, but has changed a few tyres. She’s never been Bruny Island, but has travelled all over the world.

She was asked recently what her hobby is and had to really think about it, but after careful consideration she realised it’s being creative. Win.

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Creative Admin Assistant

Carolyn is predominantly a Family Coordinator/CEO of Campbell Inc/Mother Warrior (aka stay-at-home parent) and loves it – “We are so lucky to raise our children in beautiful Tasmania!”

Carolyn says she’s thankful to be able to utilise her admin skills within a small Tasmanian business and is proud to be part of such a talented, amazing team of creative professionals.

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